Firm specialized in mercantile issues

The law firm PARGADA ABOGADOS born as a professional project of Juan Manuel Pargada, with the aim of providing specialized and high quality professional legal advice on Commercial Law and mainly in the areas of M & A (purchase and sale of companies and/or businesses, joint ventures, etc.), Structural Changes of Companies (mergers, splits, etc.), Commercial Contracts, Internationalization and Corporate Law.

With his broad and solid professional experience of over 25 years working in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza in law firms of great prestige at national and international level, and having led during 16 years the Mercantile Department of GARRIGUES, in its office in Zaragoza, he has had the opportunity to lead and succeed with many and varied issues, problems and operations, with both domestic and foreign clients.

PARGADA ABOGADOS is located in Zaragoza, although our vocation, our customers as well as our scope of performance is national and international.

Also, the type of our customers is varied: individuals, family businesses, financial institutions, foreign companies (and/or their subsidiaries or branches), business groups, public sector, etc…

Purchase-Sale Of Companies And Other Corporate Transactions

Legal advice, negotiation and preparation of all the specific contractual documentation in relation to Transactions of Purchase-Sale of Companies and Businesses or other Corporate Transactions.

Corporate Restructuring

Execution of all types of Corporate Restructuring (transformations, mergers, splits, segregations, etc.), Exchange of Securities and Incorporation of Holding Companies

Analysis (and subsequent Execution) of Tax and Mercantile Optimization of Groups of Companies.

Mercantile Contracts

Preparation, review, advice and negotiation of all kinds of commercial contracts (both ordinary and of special nature)

Corporate Law

Legal advice to both the company itself and its governing bodies, and, where appropriate, to shareholders or groups of shareholders, whether majority or minority.

Preparation and negotiation of partners/shareholders agreements.

Internationalization of Companies

Analysis, together with the customer, of the needs and goals raised by the company in relation to its internationalization, looking for the optimal legal form for the same

Drafting of the necessary documentation, and, where appropriate, participation in the negotiations necessary for achieving the internationalization alternative chosen

Industrial and Intellectual Property

General advice on the Industrial and Intellectual Property Law: patents, trademarks, utility models, know-how, etc.

Drafting, review and negotiation of national and international contracts: sale, assignment or licensing of patents, trademarks, know-how, etc.