The structural modifications of companies and groups of companies can pursue different (complementary or alternative) and important business goals, such as, for example, operational and financial management goals, cost reduction, risk diversification, obtaining a greater dimension, tax, and mercantile optimization, etc. In either case, economic optimization is always a common goal – in the short, medium or long term – of all corporate restructurings.

The services of this thematic would consist of:

  • Advice, negotiation, and preparation of all corporate and contractual documentation, in relation to the execution of all types of structural modifications:

+ transformations, mergers, splits, segregations, global transfer of assets and liabilities and other structural modifications

+ non-monetary contributions with exchange of securities, incorporation of holding companies, etc.

  • Analysis (and, where applicable, subsequent Execution) of Tax and Mercantile Optimization of Companies’ Groups. This specific product consists in the concrete study of the current structure of the group of companies in question to conclude if it is the best possible, and, where appropriate, analyze and conclude how this structure could be optimized, mainly from the tax and patrimonial point of view, but also taking into account other possible advantages, both mercantile, functional or otherwise.

This tax and patrimonial optimization would be both of the group itself, and where appropriate, of its “last partners”, physical persons; and also taking into account probable future scenarios of the corporate group in question (growth of the group and incorporation of possible new companies, impact on Wealth Tax and, as the case may be, on Inheritance Tax, operative between related parties, effect of the treasury movements, possible future sale of companies, etc.).

This work is done in conjunction and coordination with our specialized tax advisors.